April 23, 2020 – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada – Workplace Safety North – Mining Health & Safety Conference [Speaker]

Leadership Differently: enabling change to achieve real safety!

All too often emergency services are called upon to respond to workplace incidents.  Anything from a major disaster causing harm to the general public; to workers caught in machinery with catastrophic life changing injuries or death. I have seen the aftermath as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic and Emergency Service Chief, and I am on a mission to make a difference at the source!

Working at the crossroads of healthcare and aviation, I work in two of the highest risk and reliable organizations. In fact, unintentional patient harm is the third leading cause of death in hospitals and healthcare. We have used evidence based best practices and real incidents to learn and lead change for safety differently, to improve harmful outcomes for our workers and patients.

Injury rates with traditional safety systems using regulation and compliance have plateaued across all industries; and we still see catastrophic injuries and deaths. What can we share from within high risk and high reliability organizations that can help improve your chances of sending your workers home unharmed?

Human and Organizational Performance is a new view philosophy that incorporates an approach to leading in workplaces in a way that builds trust and openness to help you understand your organizations capacity to fail well. What we know, is that we will have failures. What you may not know, is that organizations that openly fail well more often at the small things, have less fatal injuries and higher productivity.

It is time to better understand workers. Understand what truly drives safety on a day-to-day basis in your workplace.  This talk is about safety differently and building a learning organization that has trust, openness and is continuously working towards a restorative just culture.

Workplace Safety North Mining Health & Safety Conference

April 21-23, 2020

Holiday Inn

1696 Regent Street

Sudbury, ON  Canada

P3E 3Z8

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