What I learned about hiring Paramedics, with some tips for candidates.

Experiential questions are looking for you to share stories that address the issues outlined in the question. So, go back to school, volunteering, sports camp, band camp, family. The point of the question is to see that you can recognize behaviours and difficult situations, get an idea how you think and deal with difficulties; and if they didn’t go well, thats also alright, we want to know what you learned and changed to do better now when you work with us.

Does Occupational Health & Safety Regulatory Compliance Help or Hinder Safety?

There currently exists an Apoptote (flattening of the curve), meaning we have not succeeded in eliminating the worst harm and fatalities despite all of this regulation. In fact, what modern safety science is showing, is that more regulation and compliance will not make us safer, more bureaucracy may actually be making us less safe. Much of this is associated with the on-going belief in older safety models presented by Heinrich in the safety dominos and pyramid, and also Reason with the Swiss Cheese model. These are linear cause-effect models that don’t hold true anymore.

Paramedic: What's in a name anyways?

[As published in EMS Director Magazine 2019Q4, The official…

Quality, Patient Safety & Risk Reduction in Community Paramedicine

CP programs are currently contributing to improved quality of care, patient safety and risk reduction. There are further identified areas where CP programs describe opportunities to further these goals. Ultimately, CP programs as part of an integrated primary healthcare team can provide a significant contribution to the patient’s lived experience resulting in improved overall quality of care, patient safety and risk reduction as part of a system that communicates well, collaborates, provides client and family interaction, measures quality for improvement and actively participates in prevention programs.

Artificial Intelligence and EMS

knowledge is gained by capturing data, and that the insights gained could give us powerful information and make us more efficient.