How does an organization achieve recognition as the best?

Recently I responded to this question when it was posed in a forum with a spontaneous and top of my mind response. It was in reference to developing a leading best of class critical care transport and air ambulance service in the United States. Therefore, there are a couple specific items to that respect in the response. That aside, the central theme of this post I believe holds true to building any great organization that wants to excel as an industry leader. Here it is…

Define the core mission clearly. Build the core values from the hearts of the staff. Hold everyone no matter position accountable to living these values. Understand how the staff see a quality and positive work day, where they feel they have contributed immensely. Regardless of crew configuration, the core transport specialty education is identical and each is an equal clinician on all accounts, including pay. Evidence based determination of clinical capabilities based on the clearly defined mission and patient centred focus. Patient and Aviation Safety culture is a result of people who care, care about your staff and ensure they know that you genuinely do. Build trust. Practice how you play, education is a virtue not an expense and liability. Provide the core tools to do the job safely, don’t cut corners on any necessities. You will attract and retain the right people to be the best of the best, and keep the interests of the mission and vision in the forefront.

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