Sept 19 – 21, 2019 – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – PACEXPO [Speaker & Poster Presentation]

Critical Care, Over There! Comparative analysis of International extended scope paramedic education
This presentation opens with two presenters outlining the Critical Care/Intensive Care scope of paramedic practice, licensing and practice autonomy for Canada, the United Kingdom and similar countries such as Australia. The presenters bring unique perspectives and experiences through personal development in each of these systems, Scott from Canada and Leon from the UK. 
Critical Care Paramedic means something different in different regions of the world and Canada differs from the UK.  Upon travelling to various countries and meeting many paramedics, the presenters have encountered varied definitions, scopes of practice and utilization of Critical Care Paramedics. 
The career path, education and credentialing of these systems also varies widely and the presenters wish to put forward a case that Canada has a substantial and mainly autonomous critical care scope of practice.  And yet, Canada has no formal post-graduate academic credential or self-regulatory college to account for it.
This presentation is meant to be thought provoking, challenge the status quo, introduce a broad international perspective on paramedic education and support the Paramedic Association of Canada vision for undergraduate degree entry to practice. As well as presenting the case for paramedic specific post-graduate eduction in Canada.
This presentation will overview the Critical Care Paramedic scope of practice, delivery model and education used in several provinces of Canada and Internationally.  The presentation will outline the Canadian Paramedic led and educated, physician supported system that operates as a double CCP crew response model for high acuity critical care retrieval and transport in contrast to the UK physician led and paramedic partnered roles of the UK retrieval services.
The presentation will further outline the proposed post-secondary education model for British Columbia, Canada and how it would reflect the Canadian CCP and Extended scope of practice with an academic model that better reflects the autonomy of practice that Canadian CCP’s are allowed within a formally credentialed academic system and healthcare profession.
Approximately 40 minutes of the session will be spent on the elements described, followed by an open question & answer on the presenters perspectives of tertiary paramedic education in Canada.

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