The team at The Human Factor are all about setting up organizations and people for success. We draw on a number of tools, resources and proprietary products to provide tailored consulting services that empower your organisation with the knowledge and skills you need to improve productivity, efficiency and safety outcomes and sustain them over time.

Professional Practice Standards Advisory

Are you a Paramedic or clinical practitioner that is licensed under a professional college, licensing board, base hospital or regulatory oversight body? Have you found yourself being called to a hearing due to a complaint about your clinical practice? We can help with our professional advisory service.

The Human Factor has decades of expertise conducting clinical practice reviews, investigations, designing regulatory compliance and professional practice standards policies; and working with colleges, regulators and boards.

Let us share our knowledge, expertise and experience to work for you. We can help alleviate some of the fear and anticipation of appearing before a panel for review or disciplinary hearings; provide advise, insight and recommendations. We can act as an independent representative and advisor, or work with your legal expert advising on professional standards and clinical decision making.

We approach all clinical practice issues from a just culture, human factors, patient safety perspective and safety differently perspective. We understand that there are varied and unique situations depending where you work. We are happy to work with your union for grievance issues around clinical practice as well.

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Resiliency Teams

Drawing from Safety Differently and Human Organisational Performance concepts, REsiliency Teams is an Enabling Safety technique of learning from those closest to the work to gain operational intelligence (the detail missing from having never experienced the work first hand). Resiliency Teams have proven to lead to the development of improvement actions that increase system resilience to human error by: addressing deviation prone rules, identifying error traps, and improving or adding defenses that reduce the consequences of human error.

A Resiliency Team is a facilitated conversation between those that do the work and those that design the work to share operational intelligence between the two groups and improve system design. A Reseliency Team can be used proactively (before we have had a failure) or reactively (after an event has occurred).

Resiliency Teams look for opportunities for people to be the solution, for safety to be about creating successful outcomes, and for safety to be an opportunity to take responsibility to create a better workplace.

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We like to support our Safety Differently Audit with our Appreciative Discovery process. Through this process, a consultant works side-by-side with frontline staff to identify the assumptions and critical conditions that contribute to everyday challenges. Through this process, we can identify some of the differences in how work is planned or imagined and how it is actually done.

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PROCESS Improvements

Our Collective Process Improvements supports organisations as they start driving positive change. Our consultants facilitate structured group discussions with front line employees, encouraging them to share their insights and experiences of what work can be like. A cross section of the organsiation, then analyses the information to identify key challenges and opportunities that they can address to make work more productive, efficient and safer. These opportunities are then sponsored by senior executives and outcomes are fed back to the front line staff.

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Appreciative Investigations

Often organisations go down the path of performance and improvement and encounter incidents along the way that present learning opportunities. It is sometimes difficult to give up the old view safety systems while developing new systems. We conduct Appreciative Investigations by interviewing staff and facilitating focus groups and learning to understand “what” went wrong, not who is to blame.

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We deliver a range of classes. These classes empower participants with practical tools and skills. We provide participants with access to webinars, collaboration sessions, engagement with a community of thought leaders, and design programs to create common vision and approach across organizations.

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Some of the organisations we work with find it beneficial if we support them with tailored presentations to Board Members and Executive Teams to support the change management process. We introduce concepts such as human organisational performance, safety differently, just culture, restorative justice, and help groups understand the pathway and challenges to meaningful safety culture.

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Introductory talk or workshop

We welcome the opportunity to share our message about an appreciative workplace, safety differently, openness transparency and positive work culture. We can provide an introductory presentation or talk at a corporate event or learning session or a half or full-day workshop to introduce some basic core concepts that can help you build your proposal or business plan to facilitate the introduction of any of our solutions to your team or board and leaders. Our talk and workshops are ideal for a conference key note or pre-conference workshop.

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Expert evaluation, reporting and witness

We can offer services to the legal community, trade unions and employers in occupational health and safety incidents, medical and patient safety from a safety differently, human factors, risk, human performance and organizational safety perspective. We can also provide expert knowledge in Paramedic standards of practice.

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