Drowsy and Dangerous? Fatigue in Paramedics: An Overview

Fatigue is a complex phenomenon that has effects on physical characteristics, cognition, behaviours, and physical and mental health. Paramedicine crosses the boundaries of many high-risk industries, namely medicine, transport and aviation. The effects of fatigue on paramedics thus need to be explored and considered in order to begin to identify appropriate interventions and management strategies.

July 21 - 26, 2019 - Kingston, ON, Canada - Queen's University MScHQ [Residency]

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March 5, 2019 - Vancouver, BC, Canada - BCPA Research & Education Symposium [Speaker][Video Attached]

This session looks at the many areas in paramedicine subject to human factors blind spots. People often consider themselves to be unbiased; but what is bias? We all have environmental programming; gaps in thought and brain function presenting biased perspectives that can lead to medical errors. This talk will work to introduce some of the biases that exist in the paramedic work environment.

Leadership Perspective: Second Victims in Hamilton Murder Case, Paramedic Actions Questioned

Every person has ingrained bias’ based on their knowledge and experiences that lead to a varied perspective. No person can see the same incident, event or conversation through the same lens as another.

An Introduction to Human Factors & Ergonomics in Paramedicine

Our service underwent what we called a cultural transformation through collaboration. We developed our mission, vision and values as well as a set of guiding principles in collaboration with our front-line staff. We all promised to live by and make decisions based on these values and guiding principles which included caring for the health and safety of our staff, ensuring patient safety, having an inclusive and empowering leadership style, and being innovative in how we implement change.