Does Occupational Health & Safety Regulatory Compliance Help or Hinder Safety?

There currently exists an Apoptote (flattening of the curve), meaning we have not succeeded in eliminating the worst harm and fatalities despite all of this regulation. In fact, what modern safety science is showing, is that more regulation and compliance will not make us safer, more bureaucracy may actually be making us less safe. Much of this is associated with the on-going belief in older safety models presented by Heinrich in the safety dominos and pyramid, and also Reason with the Swiss Cheese model. These are linear cause-effect models that don’t hold true anymore.

Adaptive Capacity: 5 Lessons In High Reliability Leadership—from Fire Ground Incident Command for Healthcare, Business & Industry

What is adaptive capacity? I will explore the idea of capacity in a system and explain how fire service incident command builds adaptive capacity, and how this can be translated into leadership principles.

April 23, 2020 - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada - Workplace Safety North - Mining Health & Safety Conference [Speaker]

Injury rates with traditional safety systems using regulation and compliance have plateaued across all industries; and we still see catastrophic injuries and deaths. What can we share from within high risk and high reliability organizations that can help improve your chances of sending your workers home unharmed?